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New Devar album: Mausoleum

We can finally announce that the upcoming Devar album, titled "Mausoleum", will be released on September 29th.

Years in the making, this album is their first since 2009's "Alternate Endings".

Musically, this is a darker, more sinister album than it's predecessor. More progressive elements have also seeped into the songwriting, making this a more dynamic, focused and reflective album.

The lyrics on "Mausoleum" are conceptualized around standing on the edge of the end, as a lifetime flashes through a fractured & declining mind.


01. Mausoleum

02. House of Bones

03. Dead End Moon

04. Shadow Straggler

05. Cold Black Rain

06. Narcissa Oriane

07. Ashes

08. Dead Wounds

The album will be released on Digipak CD and double vinyl.

Preordering info will be announced in early July.

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