Ym-Stammen - Guden-I-Steinen

Ym-Stammen - Guden-I-Steinen


Preorder, scheduled for release on February 25th.
Available on CD, black vinyl and limited transparent orange vinyl (250x)


The legendary Ym-Stammen started out as an ethnic-influenced post-punk band in Oslo, Norway. Formed in 1983, they released six albums before disbanding in 1999. They drew from a wide variety of influences, were very hard to label, and were called everything from Ethno-funk and Viking soul to Nordic Stomp and Norse ‘n Roll, etc etc. With their Nordic pagan approach, the band had a big influence on both the Norwegian Black Metal, as well as newer ‘viking’ themed bands like Wardruna and Heilung.


Guden-I-Steinen is the sixth and final Ym-Stammen album, originally released in 1996. The album was their big mainstream breakthrough, and several singles and remixes were released to radio – back when Norwegian radio still played new and interesting music. The band did a LOT of interviews and concerts around this time, as well as a few TV appearances and press stunts.


Guden-I-Steinen has has never before been released on vinyl. The album has been remastered by Morten Lund for this re-release, and this true Norwegian masterpiece is  ready to be shown to the world again.



01. Gripe

02. Guden I Steinen

03. Alu Alu Laukar
04. Store Aleksander
05. (Gi Meg) Grid

06. Kappen Etter Vinden

07. Frihet Er Å Være Frisk

08. Troll (Sprekker Når Det Blir Lyst)

09. S.P.Q.R.

10. Sigurds-Kvadet

11. Tusen Års Fortielse

12. Guden I Steinen II