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Mistra - Waltz of Death (7" single)

Mistra - Waltz of Death (7" single)


Released on March 1st 2024.
Available as a regular 7" single and a limited, hand-numbered version with a signed postcard.


For customers outside Norway, it's recommended to order from



Side A: Waltz of Death

Side B: Waltz of Death (demo) - exclusive bonus track


In the new duo MISTRA, two extremes in the Norwegian music industry collide - Pop queen Benedicte Adrian and metal pioneer Anders Odden. Their first single "Waltz of Death" will be performed in the 3rd semifinal of Melodi Grand Prix (the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest).


Benedicte Adrian is back in MGP 40 years after the success of Dollie de Luxe. The duo, which consisted of Benedicte and Ingrid Bjørnov, won the competition with "Lenge Leve Livet". They followed up the success with the album "Rock vs Opera" and have composed music for several musicals together. They released their last album as "Adrian/Bjørnov". As a solo artist, Benedicte has, among other things, sung the role of Queen of the Night in "Tryllefløyten" at Den Norske Opera, released the solo album "Desember" and guested on various stages both as a pop artist and a classical singer. 

Anders Odden has a long life behind him in black metal. In 1990, his band, Cadaver, debuted with Norway's first death metal LP "Hallucinating Anxiety". Since then, Cadaver has released six albums and gained cult status worldwide. Anders has also toured the world as a musician for other bands such as Celtic Frost. He has also collaborated with famous musicians such as Ronni Le Tekrø, Ledfoot, Hank Von Hell and Tony Harnell. 

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