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Bogus Blimp - Rdtr

Bogus Blimp - Rdtr


Preorder - Shipping mid-June
Available on vinyl for the first time ever. Originally released on CD by Jester Records in 2004, this vinyl re-release comes in a beautiful gatefold cover, made from the original design files.


Do you ever wonder how everything will turn out? Do you lie awake at night? Does peace of mind elude you?  The diligent efforts of Our proletarian heroes have concluded with this elaborate 42 minute audio introduction to the topic. This record has gone through a five stage de/construction leaving no stone unturned. A panorama of the future. Surfacing shortly on the far side of the fjord, Bogus Blimp leaves yet another fine album in your care. Completing a three record cycle this is the final audio release from the Bogus Blimp Collective.


01. Sci-Fi City

02. Automated Bathroom

03. Down The Tunnel
04. Mama Mother
05. Leisure A Go-Go
06. Police Chasing Police
07. Ministry of Police Affairs, Pt. 1

08. Ministry of Police Affairs, Pt. 2

09. Going Commercial

10. The Solitude of Space, Pt. 1

11. The Solitude of Space, Pt. 2

12. Stellar Epilogue

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