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Bogus Blimp - Men - Mic

Bogus Blimp - Men - Mic


Preorder - Shipping mid-June
Available on vinyl for the first time ever. Originally released on CD by Jester Records in 1999, this 180g vinyl re-release comes in a beautiful gatefold cover, made from the original design files.


Bogus Blimp. The Spectacular Rock Orchestra. Like the vaudeville acts of old they offer tuneful melodrama to the masses. Each song is another act in a play venturing from dark, exotic, and bombastic monuments to stumbling and naked moments of beauty. Bogus Blimp combine the dark 30' s of Europe with the avant-gardism of our times' rock 'n roll into a genre of its own making: Cabaret Core, Silent Movie Punk, or Horror Pop.



01. Jazz/Speech

02. Sweets & Love
03. Hush Now

04. In/Exhale

05. Brains

06. Even More

07. 891

08. Inside Here


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