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Bogus Blimp - cords. wires

Bogus Blimp - cords. wires


Preorder - Shipping mid-June
Available on vinyl for the first time ever. Originally released on CD by Jester Records in 2000, this 180g vinyl re-release comes in a beautiful gatefold cover, made from the original design files.


Dear Citizen! Bogus Blimp is cyber/silent/film/noir/rock/music brought to you by 6 - 8 men with polite haircuts, manoeuvring their craft by means of guitars, synthesizers, samplers, organs, horns, drums and sheer willpower! Expect to be dazzled! Demand to be entertained!


cords. wires is like inserting your head in a television set showing re-runs of "Lost in space", intermingling lazily into the next one, bringing new little, warped melodies to your baffled ears.



01. Hello world

02. Brothers of space

03. No cords. No wires

04. Marching to Rome

05. By five o'clock tea

06. King Inst. Tea

07. The end of the world

08. Under the sea

09. Oxygen xx

10. Making room for God

12. Flight to the future

13. Things to come

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