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Bogus Blimp - Bogus Box of Wonders

Bogus Blimp - Bogus Box of Wonders


Preorder - Shipping mid-June

This extremely limited box set contains exclusive box set versions of all three Bogus Blimp albums on 180g white vinyl, as well as a DVD with their music videos, a cassette with 26 minutes of unreleased music, a 32-page booklet, and a set of 3D-glasses.
Limited to a one-time pressing of 150 copies.


Table of contents:

- Men - Mic (LP)

- cords. wires (LP)

- Rdtr (LP)

- Time DES/S/ERT - The Unabridged Bogus DVD Experience

- Zzzp! Sessione (Cassette)

- Final Sensitivity Doubler (32-page booklet)

- 3D glasses (You will need them)


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