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Bogus Blimp - Bogus Box of Wonders

Bogus Blimp - Bogus Box of Wonders


Preorder, to be released on 24. May 2024.

This extremely limited box set contains exclusive box set versions of all three Bogus Blimp albums on 180g white vinyl, as well as a DVD with their music videos, a cassette with 26 minutes of unreleased music, a 32-page booklet, and a set of 3D-glasses.
Limited to a one-time pressing of 150 copies.


Table of contents:

- Men - Mic (LP)

- cords. wires (LP)

- Rdtr (LP)

- Time DES/S/ERT - The Unabridged Bogus DVD Experience

- Zzzp! Sessione (Cassette)

- Final Sensitivity Doubler (32-page booklet)

- 3D glasses (You will need them)


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