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Betatt -

Fyrer for Kråkene

digital, 23/01/2015




Betatt was the brainchild of Sjalg Otto Unnison (Leadsledge, and previous member of Devar, Blood Command, Hellish Outcast, etc), and disbanded in 2010.

However, it seems like they had some unfinished business.


"Fyrer for Kråkene" is a brand new single, recorded by Sjalg Otto and his Leadsledge cohort Loke Alexander Vikne. It's the first new song since 2009's "Antophobia", and also the first song in Norwegian.



The single is sporting a haunting cover by artist Anders Røkkum.





"Fyrer for Kråkene" lyric video by Kjartan Revheim / Error Industri

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